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Volunteer Art Gallery

Volunteer Art Gallery

Art is a sincere form of self-expression and, when shared, it has the power to build better connections to oneself and to others. The purpose of this program is to enhance the connection between our seniors and the community through art exhibits.

You do not need to be an artist! You just need to be inspired to make something that communicates a thoughtful message to our seniors.
First, your group will need to select a theme for your exhibit. For example, everyone will draw images from nature or everyone will draw a car; however, each of you will create your own masterpiece. Everyone should agree on a date that all art pieces will be completed. Then, one or more people from your group will collect the art pieces and deliver them to Serving Seniors (at a pre-arranged time and location).

The Serving Seniors team will display your group’s work in a highly trafficked area of our housing sites (i.e. near the elevators, in the lobby, etc.). We will also promote your group’s work by creating a poster to accompany the exhibit. The poster will introduce your group to the seniors, the purpose of the project, and describe your chosen theme. Our team may choose to feature your exhibit at all of our housing sites. When the traveling exhibit is complete, we will contact your group’s representative to collect the art work.


  • Group of at least 5
  • Canvas or foam-backed poster board to feature your art (3D art is not an option at this time)
  • Display easel (unless we have some on-hand, please ask us)
  • Designated delivery date
  • Designated pick up date

Please reach out to the volunteer team at or 619-487-0621 to discuss your interest and ideas.

  • Alliance Healthcare Foundation
  • The San Diego Women's Foundation
    The San Diego Women's Foundation
  • CCDC
  • The California Wellness Foundation
    The California Wellness Foundation
  • Darlene Shiley
  • Gary and Mary West Foundation
  • Grossmont Healthcare District
    Grossmont Healthcare District
  • Price Philanthropies
  • Qualcomm
  • The San Diego Foundation
    The San Diego Foundation
  • Sempra
  • Trio Community Meals
  • Wells Fargo Foundation