Alan's Story: "Serving Seniors Gave Me a Lifeline"

     Renowned jazz musician Alan Busteed’s career was almost derailed by the pandemic. And the resulting threat of homelessness almost cost him everything! An accomplished lifelong performer, Alan moved to San Diego in January 2020, just before the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shutdown of performance venues. At 65 years old, Alan found himself without a steady income and no way to pay rent and feed himself. He imagined himself homeless, hungry, and on the streets of a strange city. Wondering where his next meal was coming from, this was his new daily reality.

     Sadly, other seniors like Alan, right here in your own community, may have to spend this holiday season isolated and alone. No warm home waiting for them. And nothing to eat.

     Alan Busteed’s story is a special joy to share during this holiday season. It’s the story of a crisis averted because of Serving Seniors programs and passionate staff, volunteers, and you and other donors who make this life-changing work possible. Finding affordable housing in San Diego is difficult and daunting. Luckily, Alan experienced his “miracle,” and found Serving Seniors.

     Because we treat every single inquiry with urgency and care, Alan was quickly connected with Elizabeth, our Supportive Housing Service Coordinator. Alan was stunned to receive five months of emergency assistance with his rent: “I almost didn’t believe it…and wanted to make sure this wasn’t too good to be true. Elizabeth is a miracle worker!”

     But wait, it gets better! Alan is one of the first residents to move into the brand-new Harris Family Senior Residence, an intergenerational low-income housing complex, a first in San Diego. In addition to providing an affordable home for vulnerable older adults, the Harris Family Senior Residence will also provide one-on-one supportive services to help residents restore stability, independence, and dignity to their lives after struggling for years.

     In addition to secure housing, Alan now enjoys delicious meals, dental care, social activities, and ongoing assistance from Maria, our Social Services Case Manager.

     You and your continued support of Serving Seniors transformed Alan’s life. From meals to housing to dental care, Alans shares, “I’ve connected to a network of lifesavers.“ He has become a dedicated volunteer, performing at our holiday parties to cheer up our seniors.

    But there are many other local seniors like Alan, still isolated and fearful of the future.

    You can change that. You can create a miracle with one delicious, home-cooked meal! This holiday season, we’d like to deliver 100,000 miracle meals to seniors, right here in San Diego County! We need your help!

Will you consider your best gift today? For as little as $4 a meal or $56 for breakfast and lunch for a week you can make a difference to a senior like Alan, who still has so much to share with the world.

If you possibly can, will you consider donating a meal to a senior, right here in your community today?