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If you are interested in volunteering with Serving Seniors' COVID-19 crisis response efforts to help seniors, please contact Activities & Volunteer Coordinator Elle Leidy, (619) 487-0605 or


Do you want to be the highlight of someone’s day? How about their whole week? Even though one hour may not seem like much to you, that hour means the world to our seniors.

Just a few hours of your time is priceless to the seniors we serve every day. Whether you tell them a story (or listen to one of theirs), share a joke, serve lunch or play a game, your time and energy are appreciated by everyone here.

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Serve lunch
  • Teach a class
  • Host a social activity
  • Celebrate the holidays
  • Share travel experiences
  • Share your cultural traditions and celebrations
  • Donate your skills! We can always use talented photographers and videographers. You must have your own equipment and provide samples of your work in advance.

Special Volunteer Opportunities

  • Birthday Party Host: Help seniors celebrate their special day at our monthly birthday party. Hosts organize games and provide birthday gifts, decorations and raffle prizes. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month.
  • Bingo Assistant: Help keep our most popular activity going! Assistants help call Bingo, set up/clean up, verify winners and identify strategies to continue obtaining donated prizes. Time commitment: Tuesday and Thursday mornings (3 hours per week).
  • Zumba Gold Instructor: Help us expand our fitness offerings by teaching this high-energy class. Time commitment: 1-4 hours per month, minimum.

Current Volunteers: log in to your VicNet profile here.

For more info about volunteering, contact Tim Ruis, Director of Activities & Volunteers, at 619-487-0727.


Our Volunteer Mission Statement

"Serving Seniors seeks volunteers interested in enhancing

the lives of one of our most vulnerable populations

by providing heartfelt compassion, patience and a real desire to

tap into the experiences & knowledge of mature adults."

- Tim Ruis, Director of Activities & Volunteers

“Helping out at the West Wellness Center gives me satisfaction after all they’ve done for me since 2004. I need the routine in my life, to be needed somewhere every day, and I consider this my new happy family after life didn’t go as planned.”

John (69), Senior Volunteer