The Legacy Circle is a special group of donors who have made a legacy gift, naming Serving Seniors as a beneficiary in their estate plans. These donors are committed to ensuring that seniors living in poverty whom we serve have access to nutrition, housing, and a comprehensive array of supportive services so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives. We are deeply honored and grateful that they have selected Serving Seniors as a member of “their family” in their estate plan.

Benefits of Joining

Members are invited to donor exclusive donor recognition events, Serving Seniors news, acknowledgements in our donor honor roll and other engagement opportunities.             

Member Highlight

We welcome Mark Sweeney as a Legacy Circle member who shares his personal reasons for supporting Serving Seniors.

Several years ago, I remembered that I needed to update my Estate Plan and Trust and, perhaps, most importantly, designate the beneficiaries of my residual estate.

I started to do my homework. What did I discover? I quickly learned that there are number of worthy charitable organizations in San Diego, many of which I had never heard of before. Serving Seniors was one of them. I needed to do some more homework.

What I learned was that the programs and activities of Serving Seniors completely aligned with my values. I have a strong sympathy for the underdog and disadvantaged and those are the people Serving Seniors strives successfully, in many ways, to benefit. My search didn't reveal a more effective and to me worthy organization, consistent with my values, than Serving Seniors.

I first came into physical contact with Serving Seniors at a reception at the 4th Avenue Wellness Center. I don't recall how I garnered the invitation; it may have been because I had already made some small contributions. That was the beginning of my relationship.

Early on, I was impressed with the number and quality of its corporate sponsors and contributors. I worked for a large corporation for many years and I know that corporate contributions and sponsorships are carefully vetted before they are made and then only to the most worthy of charitable organizations. This fact told me a lot about Serving Seniors.

Another consideration that influenced my desire to contribute is the quality of Serving Seniors management. What they have accomplished over the years in building the organization into what is today, to me, is truly remarkable.

Making Serving Seniors a major beneficiary of my Trust was an easy decision for me to make. The main reason I decided to become a Legacy Circle member is because, by doing so, I could leverage the value of my net contributions . Although the eventual benefit to Serving Seniors is delayed, the value of my contribution will be much greater than could result from a series of individual contributions made over time.

If you have included Serving Seniors in your estate plan or if you are considering it, please let us know. We can help you identify charitable gift strategies that will help protect your assets and provide peace of mind for you and your family. Your inquiry will be treated in confidence and Serving Seniors respects all requests for anonymity.

For more information visit our Planned Giving Page or contact:

Dave Ricks
Director of Donor Relations