Nabil’s Story of Perseverance

A refugee from Lebanon, Nabil moved to the U.S. in 1975 to flee his country’s civil war. In 2000, he moved to San Diego and opened his own dry cleaning business, Rosecrans Cleaners. For years the business was successful and profitable. Then the financial crisis of 2007 struck. As the community struggled, so did Nabil’s business. He cut costs in every way he could. He even gave up his apartment, and slept in his own shop on a cot to save money for his struggling business. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. In 2008, Nabil succumbed to bankruptcy. Left penniless, he ended up living in his minivan— before the City repossessed it due to unpaid parking tickets. Nabil was homeless for over a year. Eventually he found a private homeowner willing to rent him her detached storage room for $250 a month, but it had no bathroom or running water. Nabil had to walk a mile to the local gym just to shower and use the restroom. Finally Nabil was connected to Serving Seniors. Our social work team helped him secure a unit at our Potiker Family Senior Residence, where he has lived happily for three years. He is grateful to Serving Seniors for the meals and continued help of his social worker, and for giving him the opportunity to work part-time in the dining room of our City Heights site.