Inspired Acts of Kindness

This is a story of how gratitude can inspire acts of kindness, which is exactly what happened to Charlotte after receiving life-saving services from Serving Seniors. For the purpose of anonymity, Charlotte is an assigned name used in this story. 

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit San Diego County, Charlotte knew she was more susceptible to illness due to her age. She is a senior citizen. This left Charlotte with added fear and anxiety about not wanting to leave her home, not being able to get necessary supplies, and not having enough food. 

Charlotte was grateful to start receiving meals delivered to her home through Serving Seniors’ Home Delivered Meals program. After realizing how incredible this service was, she wanted to give back. 

A casual phone call to a Serving Seniors representative gave Charlotte the peace of mind she craved. She decided to become a monthly donor by giving $45 each month. She mentioned that she used to spend more on groceries, so this is the least she can do.  

Charlotte’s act of kindness will continue to serve more seniors than just herself. Her contribution will ensure that nearly 100 others receive a meal delivered to their home, too.  

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