Senior Spotlight: Luis

"My life is different because now I get up with a purpose. I can go someplace and find people that are like me and eat and socialize and make the day go by without sitting at home doing nothing." This is the impact that Serving Seniors has had on Luis after only a few months. 

Luis began spending time at the Gary and Mary West Wellness Center in November 2023 - a few months after his 60th birthday. He has since become very active, participating in a handful of activities; karaoke is one of his favorites. 

Luis lives down the street from the Wellness Center and likes to spend his days here to connect with other seniors, which has been good for his mental health. "It's good socializing with good people. I used to get really bad depression and stay in bed all day, but I come here, and it gets rid of the depression to be around other people," says Luis. He hopes to soon be a volunteer. Whether helping with the walking group or serving food, his goal is to help other people and keep himself occupied. 

Luis is proof of how important socialization and enrichment activities are, especially for seniors. Your donation helps us to continue to keep seniors like Luis at the center of our mission.