Senior Spotlight: Una

After retiring from her job, Una was forced to tighten her budget because more than half of her social security money was going toward her rent. A friend of hers, who had been to the Gary and Mary Senior Wellness Center, suggested she go there for a meal.  

Now, nine months later, she has been regularly attending the congregate lunch meals.  

"The food is very good. They go out of their way to give us variety, and good balanced meals."  

Fortunately, because of the no-cost meals she gets from Serving Seniors, she no longer has to worry about how she is going to pay for lunch and can use her food stamps for dinner. The nutrition team is also very accommodating to Una's dietary needs. Because she is allergic to beef and dairy, they make sure to avoid giving her those foods and provide alternative options. She especially likes it when volunteers from different corporate organizations come and serve meals. 

A meal was just the entry point for Una getting involved with Serving Seniors. Now she has built a community and can make meaningful connections with her peers.  “The atmosphere is very friendly. I live alone and it’s nice to socialize with other seniors.” She can come for lunch and then spend time doing a puzzle in the game room or watching television. She even participates in some of the popular activities offered at the Wellness Center, like bingo and the cooking demonstrations. She enjoys that there are different things to do to keep seniors engaged. 

It all started with a meal for Una. Click here to donate today to ensure that seniors like her always have access to nutritious meals.