Senior Volunteer Spotlight: Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is a Senior Volunteer Ambassador at Serving Seniors, which she describes as a rewarding way to give back to other seniors.  

“My favorite part about being a volunteer is that you can never do something too little to show someone that you appreciate them.” 

The Senior Volunteer Ambassadors are a special group of volunteers at Serving Seniors that include clients who receive support and services from Serving Seniors, and who also have a desire to volunteer and give back to their peers and the community supporting them. 

Gwendolyn found out about Serving Seniors in 2019 after a recommendation from a friend. She soon started coming regularly for congregate lunch service.  She attributes the hot, healthy meals as the reason she is walking better and feeling stronger. 

Now, Gwendolyn is an active participant in many of the activities that take place at Serving Seniors’ Gary and Mary West Senior Wellness Center, including the walking group, “over a cup of coffee,” bingo, art and drawing classes. Growing up as the oldest child in a big family in New York, Gwendolyn enjoys the socialization she gets from engaging with seniors of various ages and backgrounds. 

After teaching for many years, Gwendolyn is happy she can continue to show love by helping others, in any way she can, even if it’s just prepping lunch utensils or collecting surveys after an activity; no task is too small. She goes out of her way to make sure others feel comfortable because the Wellness Center is a new environment for many. “When I see new people here, I show them the front desk and where they can get their snack.” Gwendolyn’s goal is to make everyone feel welcome. 

Coming to Serving Seniors brings Gwendolyn joy. She feels safe and secure here. “Serving Seniors is a place that even if you can’t walk, you get a buddy to help you.”  

In addition to the health benefits of socialization, Gwendolyn emphasizes how much she is learning about herself, growing as a person, and doing better mentally. 


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