Nov. 21, Senior Homelessness Prevention Program Receives Funding from Community Congregational Development Corporation

November 21, 2022

Senior Homelessness Prevention Program Receives Funding from Community Congregational Development Corporation

CHULA VISTA, California – Serving Seniors received $350,000 in funding from the Community Congregational Development Corporation (CCDC), allowing the organization to proceed with a new Homelessness Prevention Program in Chula Vista through 2023.

The program is the first of its kind in San Diego County, providing limited monthly financial support and case management assistance to South Bay community low-income older adults who are on the brink of homelessness. Currently, 21 clients between ages 63 and 82 are receiving assistance, and six more are being added to fill the program capacity of 27 clients.

In addition to the subsidy payments, Serving Seniors is providing meals to eight clients, and is providing supportive case management to identify additional resources and opportunities.

Commonly referred to as a ‘shallow rental subsidy,’ providing direct assistance was among the key recommendations in the Serving Seniors report Senior Homelessness: A Needs Assessment. The report revealed significant differences working with older adults experiencing homelessness as compared to the general adult homeless population. The corresponding solutions must be crafted to specifically address this distinct population. The report is available on the Serving Seniors website.

“One in four people experiencing homelessness in San Diego is over 55 years old, and this population demographic is growing,” said Paul Downey, President/CEO of Serving Seniors. “Our report showed there are readily achievable solutions we can implement immediately at low-cost in an older adult’s lifetime. The Community Congregational Development Corporation grant is a lifeline for these vulnerable older adults.”

With nearly one-third of older Californians experiencing economic insecurity and struggling to afford basic needs, expanding access to services that support older adults is a critical need throughout the region.

Serving Seniors intends its Needs Assessment report to foster a greater understanding of the direct experience of seniors facing homelessness, and to initiate broader discussions on how to invest in practical, immediate, and permanent solutions to homeless services infrastructure to benefit San Diego’s low-income seniors today - not tomorrow when it is too late.

About Serving Seniors

Founded in 1970, Serving Seniors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Diego, California, dedicated to serving low-income adults aged 60 and over. A leader in senior advocacy and programming, Serving Seniors has created an innovative model of comprehensive services including nutrition meals, housing, health and social services and lifelong learning opportunities to hundreds of seniors in need. It is the largest provider of meals to seniors in the county, and one of the only organizations in the nation providing a robust range of services to vulnerable, at-risk older adults. For more information visit:

About Community Congregational Development Corporation (CCDC)
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, the CCDC’s mission in the region dates back to 1968 when
the Community Congregational Church of Chula Vista built a 16-story apartment complex for
senior citizens. It stands today as a landmark – the Congregational Tower in Chula Vista. The
sale of that tower funded the grants CCDC has made to date. For more information, visit

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